Free Sticky Notes

Free Sticky Notes

Keep reminders about tasks, meetings of events by placing virtual stickers
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Make sure that you remember the thing you need to buy, the task you have to complete, a meeting or an event by writing it on a virtual sticky note and sticking it on your desktop. Personalize the note by modifying its background color, the font, font color, size, etc.

The Free Sticky Notes program displays notes on the desktop which serve as a ready reminder. You can also put your thoughts down in Sticky Notes and save them to work on them later. Sticky Notes can be hidden by simply selecting 'Hide all' from the tray menu. Various designs of notes can be prepared by varying the Font Color, Background Color, Font Styles and size for the Title and Body properties from the Default settings. Sticky Notes can run at High, Normal and Low priority and a red, green or yellow cross symbol respectively will appear at the top right corner on the Title bar of a note. Similarly, the symbol of a red pencil appears if a note is locked. Sticky Notes with a High priority always remain on top of all windows. The Sticky Notes with a Normal priority follow the standard Windows order, whereas the Low-priority Sticky Notes are hidden under other windows.

Width and height of any note can also be changed. Sticky notes can be created by double left-clicking on the tray icon or selecting "New note" from its menu, or by just pressing Alt+CTRL+N. Editing is available only for unlocked notes. The contextual menu for the notes has editing options with Undo/redo, copy/paste/cut/delete commands.

Notes can be moved anywhere on the desktop with the drag-and-drop method. Changes are saved automatically. A note can be customized by right-clicking on it and selecting the necessary item from the context menu.
The created sticky notes can be sent over a LAN or via E-mail - just select "Send note over LAN/Internet or Send note via E-mail" option. Prints can also be made from the context menu. The program is very useful and easy to use.

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  • The individual appearance of each Sticky note displayed on the desktop serves as a ready reminder
  • Various designs of notes can be prepared
  • Notes can be sent over LAN or via E-mail


  • The number of sticky notes is restricted to a maximum of ten
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